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BILLS: Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 [No. 2]

In Committee

Senator MOORE (Queensland) (22:23):

The low-income superannuation contribution was an important initiative of the last Labor government. We are committed to superannuation. We are particularly committed to effectively providing superannuation options for the most vulnerable, low-paid workers in our community. The low-income superannuation contribution was focused specifically on low-paid workers. It was to ensure that their superannuation would be maximised. If we lose this, we will be increasing superannuation taxes on one in three of Australia's lowest paid workers.

There has been great support-identical motions-from a range of parties in this place. It shows that they have been listening to the community. There has been an extremely strong community response to this particular element of the process. We have had email campaigns and people coming to see us. They care about this particular payment. They care about their superannuation.

This will be one step towards making superannuation more equal in our community. As Senator Milne has said, there would be a particular impact on women. We know from the statistics-that is clear. There is no lack of clarity around the importance of this particular process. This encourages people to look after their superannuation process. It links them into their superannuation. One of the elements has always been having people own their own financial integrity through their superannuation. This is an important element.

In the last parliament this was one of the major things we were able to do as a government. We are committed to this process. We strongly support the amendments before us-by so many people. We are sharing this amendment. We call upon the government to support this amendment, it is so important. Please vote for this amendment.

The CHAIRMAN: The question is that schedule 7 stand as printed.