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PETITIONS: Protection of Dingoes on Fraser Island

By leave-I present to the Senate the following e-petition, from over 8,000 people, which is not in conformity with the standing orders as it is not in the correct form:

Federal Parliament of Australia

This petition was created on behalf of the Call Upon the Australian Government to Protect the Dingo organisation and has collected over 8,000 signatures world-wide. The initial target was 5,000.

The action we require from the government is for the dingo, an animal native to Australia, to be protected under Federal law because at this stage the level of protection varies from state to state and in some states, it is not protected at all. A particular case in point is that of the Fraser Island dingo, the last of the pure bred strains of dingo left in Australia.

Please consider this petition carefully and with the respect due to any native animal of

Australia. They are all relevant to the environmental health and wellbeing of our country and this includes the dingo.

Thank you.

from 8,046 signatories

Petition received.