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Motion: Polio

Senator MOORE: I, and also on behalf of Senator Rhiannon, move:

That the Senate-

(a) notes that:

(i) the World Health Organization (WHO) South-East Asia region has maintained its polio-free status for the past 3 years,

(ii) on 27 March 2014 the South-East Asia Region will receive polio free certification, and

(iii) with this certification the proportion of the world's people living polio free will increase from 52 per cent to nearly 80 per cent;

(b) acknowledges that:

(i) the partnership between the Indian Government, Rotary International, UNICEF [United Nations Children's Fund], WHO, the Gates Foundation and donor countries, including Australia, contributed to the result, and

(ii) the WHO has estimated that with continued support from the global community the world can be free of polio by 2018; and

(c) calls on the Australian Government to continue to contribute to the global polio eradication efforts through to 2018.

Question agreed to.