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BILLS;Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015;In Committee

Senator MOORE (Queensland) (11:47): I think it is a point, in terms of clarifying exactly the position of where we proceed, that he legislation before us is the enabling legislation for the three trials and the agreement is that the future activity around where the trials will exist will be done by disallowable instrument. I want to clarify that in terms of the kinds of questions that people have been asking today around how trials will operate. What kind of detail and exchange of information process is going to occur before disallowable instruments are developed and brought to the chamber?

We have had a Senate inquiry on the enabling legislation and how the general legislation will operate, and I think that has generated a lot of questions about detail. We have yet, now, to go down the process of saying Ceduna or other places where trials will exist. Can you give us any indication of what the interaction is going to be with us-with the parliament and with the Senate-about, even now, how the trial in Ceduna will actually progress, in particular for the disallowable instrument? Should you have other locations in mind, what will be the degree of detail that will come forward to explain to us how they will operate?