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It is a great honour to serve the people of Queensland as one of our state's 12 Senators in the Australian Senate, and the people of Australia as the Shadow Minister for Women, Carers, and Communities.

This website is designed to keep you informed and up-to-date about my work in the Senate and the community. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any feedback or require assistance.


Spotlight on Current Events

The media has been dominated this week by the loss of flight Malaysian flight MH17.

The government has been strong on the need for an international response, as well as personal support and compassion for the families who have been so traumatized by this incident.

Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, made a powerful contribution at the UN Security Council and is travelling to Holland to ensure that the victims are returned to Australia and that the investigations continue into the attack.

The horrors in Gaza have also received media coverage, but there does not seem to be government response to this terrifying violence.

While there are no reports of Australian casualties, many Australian have relatives and friends in the region. The impact is stark . there are reports of schools and hospitals being destroyed, as well as an escalating death and injury toll, dominated by women and children.

Social media reflects the suffering and personal fears and loss . the destruction of property and further stress on essential services , water and food defy any claims of targeted attacks.

The emails expose competing claims for the reasons for the conflict, but while these debates continue, the tragedy continues.

Naturally, we all seek a peaceful solution, but the words are meaningless while the carnage is too real. Gaza is being bombed and Israeli troops are in the region. Hamas has fired rockets into Israel.
Senior UN officials and politicians are working for a ceasefire , but Gaza is a war zone and we need to add our calls for relief.


JulEYE - Nationwide - Eye Health Awareness Month
The RANZCO Eye Foundation is a not-for-profit eye health organisation.

Each year, 10,000 Australians go blind. About 200,000 Australians have visual impairment that cannot be corrected by spectacles.

Get your eyes tested this JulEYE.

75% of vision loss is preventable or treatable if detected early enough, yet every 65 minutes an Australian loses part or all of their vision.

JulEYE is The RANZCO Eye Foundation's national eye health awareness month that takes place during July each year.

Read more about JulEYE here.

World Hepatitis Day, 28 July
The World Hepatitis Alliance first coordinated World Hepatitis Day in 2008 in response to the concern that chronic viral hepatitis did not have the level of awareness, nor the political priority, seen with other communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

In 2010 the World Health Assembly endorsed July 28 as World Hepatitis Day and it became one of only four 'World Health Days' recognised by the World Health Organization.

Read more about World Hepatitis Day here.

Claire's speeches
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Care Leavers Australia Network Speech

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More Info on the Abbott Government's Welfare Cuts
The Abbott Government has instigated a review into Australia's welfare systems. Click on the PDF link to see how you can have your say and read the interim findings of the Review. 

Parkinson's Walk in the Park 2014
Parkinson's Disease is no walk in the park, but fundraising for Parkinson's Queensland is! Join me and my team on August 31st to fight this horrific disease. Find out more at Parkinson's Queensland