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Resource Type Description
Fact Sheet brain drain fellowships .pdf, 65KB 300 new post-doctoral fellowships for Australians
Bright Futures .pdf, 75KB Brighter futures for young Australians
Investment in Universities .pdf, 78KB Rebuilding and transforming Australia’s universities
More nurses .pdf, 67KB
More teachers .pdf, 62KB
University places .pdf, 78KB
medicare flyer .pdf, 71KB
medicare petition .pdf, 32KB
Families Kit .pdf, 239KB
Newsletter .pdf, 360KB
seniors08.pdf .pdf, 595KB
The 2009 Information for Youth Guide .pdf, 210KB
You and Your Government .pdf, 2.92MB This kit provides information on the three levels of government in Australia, and the political...
National apology to the Forgotten Australians and former child migrants .pdf, 31KB
Background to the apology .pdf, 27KB
Events throughout Australia .pdf, 41KB
Contacts for Support .pdf, 925KB
YMCAQYP Flyer .pdf, 473KB
Toowoomba Chronicle Page 10, 3 September 2011 .pdf, 314KB
Community Affairs Tabling of Forced Adoptions Report Wednesday 29 February 2012 .pdf, 34KB Senator MOORE (Queensland) (16:04): Thank you, Mr Deputy President. To the people in the gallery, to the people who are listening to this and to the people who have given us their lives, this is your report. Take it, read it and be proud, because none of
Displaying items 1-20 of 255

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